Story Me:Interactive Novel

Story Me: Terms of Use

These Terms of Use (the "General Terms" or "Terms") apply to your access to, and use of, the Interactive Novel Service "Story Me: Choose The Ending of a Novel" (the "Service"). The Service is provided by Whomor Inc. ("Whomor") and your use of the Service is subject to these Terms.

1. Definitions

a. "Whomor" means Whomor Inc.
b. "Service" means the Interactive Novel Service "Story Me: Choose The Ending of a Novel" run by Whomor.
c. "Key (Keys)" and "Diamond (Diamonds)" means the specially developed diamonds issued by Whomor in the Service.
d. "Key History" and "Diamond History" means the management screen where a user can check their remaining Keys/Diamonds, purchase history, expiration date, etc.

2. Agreement to Terms of Use

Members must accept these Terms to use the Service.
When the app specifies terms or precautions separate from the Terms, in the form of Individual Terms, members must accept both the General and Individual Terms.
Persons under the age of 18, or any higher age of majority in the jurisdiction where that person resides, are not permitted to access or use the Services unless their parent or legal guardian has consented to such access or use, and has agreed to these Terms in accordance with applicable law.

3. Usage of the Service

Preparing a mobile device, internet service, telecommunications method and other equipment to use the Service is dependent on the member's responsibility.
Along with the General and Individual Terms, members must abide by the laws and regulations, such as the copyright law.

4. Paid Items

Members are able to purchase items within the service via the method set by Whomor.
When changing the model of your mobile device, please follow the instructions to pass-on your purchased items to your next device. However, this is not possible for devices using a differing OS.

5. Keys and Diamonds

Earning Keys and Diamonds does not require creating an account.
A set number of Keys and Diamonds pooled can be used for purchasing paid contents within the Service, or can be traded for specific rights set for such items. No other uses for the Keys and Diamonds are allowed. Members can only use these items within the Service.
Keys and Diamonds do not hold an expiring date.

6. Usage of Keys and Diamonds

Whomor can, with Whomor's decision, give Keys and Diamonds to members for no expense.
Members are not permitted to lend, transfer, trade, purchase, sell, or pawn Keys and Diamonds to other members.
Whomor will not refund the paid fee for Keys and Diamonds for any reason whatsoever.
Whomor does not promise Keys and Diamonds to be a method of earning special content in the future. Whomor does not hold responsibility for the unused or used Keys and Diamonds after a content or system change. This includes the possibility of such items to be abolished from the Service.
When a maintenance procedure, system recovery, blackout, natural disaster, or other inevitable accidents cause misplacement in Keys and Diamonds for the members, Whomor is able to recover this to the original value.

7. Invalidation and canceling of Keys and Diamonds

Whomor is able to invalidate, and/or limit the purchase of the Keys and Diamonds when a member performs any of the following acts. The invalidated items will not be returned or traded for other items.
・An act in actual or potential violation of the law or public order and moral.
・An act in actual or potential violation of the General or Individual Terms.
・An act in earning Keys and Diamonds varying from the method provided by Whomor.
・When the account has been terminated.
・When a member deregisters its account.
・Other cases in which Whomor believes best to invalidate the items.

8. Restrictions

To whom violates the restrictions listed below, Whomor is able to take measures including and not limiting to suspending, deregistering the account, and invalidating Keys and Diamonds, without prior notice.
The decision around deciding whether the violation occurred or not is given to Whomor.
If the violation of restrictions causes damage or loss to Whomor or a third party, the member in subject is responsible to compensate this.
Whomor restricts the actions that violate or is suspected to violate the following actions.
a. An act to use the Service in a varying method from that provided by Whomor.
b. An act to copy, redistribute, transfer, lend, send, reformatting to be able to send, alter, adapt, reverse-engineer, disassemble, decompile, and other methods to analyze the Service.
c. An act of interfering with managing or providing the Service.
d. An act of spreading information which could cause severe damage in the trust and honor of Whomor or an allianced right holder.
e. An act of infringing the property of Whomor or an allianced right holder, or an act that could cause this.
f. An act in earning Keys and Diamonds varying from the method provided by Whomor.
g. An act to transfer, share, lend, give, or sum the Keys and Diamonds between multiple members or devices.
h. An act to receive Keys and Diamonds from others, or to force others to purchase such items.
i. An act to transfer the rights owned by a member, to a third party.
j. An act to partially or fully reprint, copy, accumulate, forward, resell or commercially use the Service without Whomor's permit.
k. Other acts that infringe the rights belonging to Whomor or an allianced right holder, or an act that could cause this.

9. Disclaimers

Whomor has the right to alter, suspend or terminate the Service without prior notice. Whomor is not responsible for any damage to the member caused by such change.
Whomor is not responsible for any disfunction in the mobile device, internet service, telecommunications causing time loss.
The measuring of time is done by Whomor's standards. Whomor understands the possibility of slight errors to occur in this process.
When a member damages a third party when using the Service, and Whomor provides the compensation, Whomor is able to claim the value from the member of subject.
Whomor is not responsible for the fee regarding the mobile device, internet service, and telecommunications.
Whomor does not promise all of the functions to be demonstrated under any usage environment.

10. Privacy

Whomor honors the members' privacy, and will make the best effort in securing the private information. The company's Privacy Policy ( will be followed to responsibly collect, use and protect the information.
The Service will collect the data on its usage (viewed content, view count, etc.). The collected data will solely be used to maintain and improve our Service.

11. Intellectual Property Rights

The Intellectual Property Rights within the Service belongs to Whomor and the allianced right holders.
The Intellectual Property Rights of the Service belongs to Whomor.

12. Ad

Whomor is not responsible for any damage caused by the advertisement, the content of, or the fact that the advertisement was presented within the Service. Please directly converse with the owner of the specific advertisement.
Whomor has the right to alter the advertising inventory, positioning or period, without prior notice.

13. Severability

If any provision of these Terms is found to be illegal or unenforceable, that provision will be severed. The remainder of the Terms will remain in full force and effect. The severed provision will be replaced by an enforceable provision that comes closest to the intention underlying the unenforceable provision.

14. Dispute Resolution

These Terms are constructed under the Japanese Law and are to be interpreted likewise.
You and Whomor agree that either the Osaka District Court or the Osaka Summary Court would be the Exclusive court of the first instance.

15. Changes to these Termsい

The General and Individual Terms can be altered by Whomor, without prior notice to the members.
Your continued use of the Services following any notice we provide will confirm that you have agreed to the amended Terms. If you do not agree to the amended Terms, you must stop using the Services.

Effective Date of Terms: November 27, 2019